For many businesses, the need to demonstrate a tangible response to the green agenda is becoming increasingly important. Indeed, some of your customers may require their suppliers to publish an environmental policy and then use this as a criterion for selecting their business partners. Business solutions which combine a number of telecommunication products and services from Tel:Mark can help to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve precious resources.

Conferencing solutions provide a green alternative to business travel. A wide variety of meetings can be conducted using audio conferencing, which can include the option of recording the conference for record keeping. Tel:Mark can advise on the use of web based conferencing, which is especially useful for delivering training to remote workers or clients. With emerging collaboration technologies, such as Microsoft Lync, businesses will have the opportunity to significantly adjust the way in which they work and promote the green agenda.Against this rapidly

By allowing staff to work from home where appropriate, business travel can be reduced and office resources conserved. MG Telecoms provides a solution for home workers, which includes business grade broadband connectivity and a separate phone line, with all charges appearing on the main bill, so expenses administration is reduced. Hosted IP telephony solutions take this one stage further by allowing the home worker to be part of

the main phone system, with access to advanced features, including short code dialling, call transfer and click to dial directories.

MG Telecoms produces electronic bills, which you will access through a secure web portal, hence avoiding the excessive use of paper and the need for postage and transport.

Burn less fuel

Work from home

Save trees - billing

Use less power

Many organisations choose to store a lot of information on site and also run large backup servers which require a secure controlled environment to be maintained, therefore increasing energy consumption. MG Telecoms promotes managed hosting or co-location, where your data is stored in secure, dedicated facilities off-site, which means a net drop in your carbon footprint.

evolving landscape, Tel:Mark will act as your trusted advisor, ensuring that you only adopt technology which will be a good long term fit with your business.

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