For any new business, having the correct communication systems and network services is a primary requirement for the first day of trading. MG Telecoms can help you avoid expensive mistakes, while designing solutions which can

grow as your new business expands. More importantly, the correct business telecommunication solution can also actively help to grow your business, by making it easy to stay in touch with your customers.

Your new business is going to need at least one phone line, even if you are starting it from your spare room at home. MG Telecoms can provide you with analogue or ISDN lines for your new venture, with the correct feature set for your early and expanding requirements. We can advise you on the lead times for installation and expedite this with our suppliers, where necessary.


You do not want to have unpredictable costs in your new business, so why not take advantage of a bundled calls and lines solution from TelMark, which will cover your likely call requirements at one predictable low cost.

Making it easy for your customers to talk to you is even more important for a brand new business, so why not use a number supplied by Tel:Mark which can direct your calls where you need them to go, or take and relay a message by email. You need to make sure you do not miss any calls, as it may be the big order that will galvanise your new venture, so let MG Telecoms show you how you can stay in touch with your customers by publishing just one number which can automatically find you in the office, at home, on site or when travelling.

Smartphones are not just attractive gadgets - they can play an important role in keeping you connected and responsive to your customers when you are away from your office. Make sure that you talk to MG Telecoms about the smartest tariff for your smartphone and the range of devices and applications which we can recommend.

Calls and lines

Make yourself easy to talk to

Keep your business mobile

Small system, big features, low cost

Depending on your business type, you may not need to invest in a new phone system at the outset, but you may still want advanced phone system features, such as call transfer, music on hold, hunt groups or call recording for example. A hosted IP telephony solution from MG Telecoms can provide the answer to your requirements on a pay-as-you-use basis and can easily be scaled up as your business expands.

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