Your business is increasingly faced with legal and regulatory constraints which can impact your telecommunication requirements. Transactions that require

an audit trail create a demand for call recording from landline and mobile devices, while new business from your customers can depend on your ability to provide evidence of your performance against service level agreements.

TelMark has a number of solutions designed to

help your business meet legal and regulatory

requirements, as well as maintaining quality


Apart from the commercial necessity to make sure your business can recover quickly from any unexpected disruption and resume operations, you may be subject to specific regulation or customer commitments, which mandate that a plan is in place. By combining products supplied by Tel:Mark, such as inbound call management, SIP trunking and hosted IP telephony, we can design a specific solution for your business, which will keep you operational under all foreseeable circumstances.

Your business may not be at the stage where 24/7 working is routine, but you may have commitments to some customers which require you to be able to respond in an emergency situation. Staying in contact will be vital when you are away from the office, so let Tel:Mark advise you how we can use mobile technology, home working solutions and inbound call management to make sure that your business can respond when it needs to.

Stay compliant

Keep your business operating normally

Stay in contact 24/7

Avoid lost faxes

For some businesses, information received by fax remains an important element of their order submission and communications processes, but paper faxes can be mislaid, misfiled or even lost completely, which can lead to problems in complying with quality standards, such as ISO 9001. By adopting a fax to email solution, you can easily file incoming faxes electronically and retrieve important information, when and where it is required.

Call recording

Your business may be in a sector which requires call recording, so that transaction details may be legally verified. Alternatively you may just feel that you can offer a better service to your clients if calls are recorded. For example travel agents regularly agree complex details over the phone with their customers, so maintaining a record for resolution of any disputes can be advantageous. Finally, your business may regularly train new staff who deal with your customers by phone, so being able to record their calls can help you to ensure that they achieve and maintain any quality standards for customer service which you subscribe to.

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