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Providing great customer service is always a topical subject for businesses.Understanding the true nature of your customers’ needs is not always straightforward, but Tel:Mark can deliver communications solutions which can help you to raise the standard of your customer service and combat the claims of your competitors.

MG Telecoms has a number of solutions which are designed to help your business improve the way you interact with your customers, including:

Making sure that calls are answered  nd correctly, so your customers will speak to the right person in your organisation.

Helping you to understand what your call patterns are for inbound and outbound calls, so you can identify if you are coping during busy periods.

Allowing you to work effectively when you are away form the office. • Ensuring that home based and remote workers

feel part of the office communication system and have access to all the information they require to help their customers.

Upgrading your communications services to include advanced features such as call recording, which can boost your service capability by helping you to train and guide your staff.

When someone calls your business they generally fall in to two categories - the person who already knows who they want to talk to, or the person with a problem or a question who needs guiding to the correct person to help them. Let’s take the first example: From the use and publication of DDI numbers for your staff through to a sophisticated one number solution, which can track down your staff wherever they are and on whatever device they have access to at the time, Tel:Mark can make your business more accessible and hence improve your customer service.


In the second example, the receptionist who manually routed calls has largely disappeared. Call queuing and menu driven systems which connect the caller to the correct

A higher standard of customer service

Answering the call quickly

department based on their numeric selections can be enormously effective if configured correctly, but equally frustrating if the opposite is the case.  Tel:Mark can advise you on how to ensure that your customers appreciate your endeavours to connect them to the right department, rather than grow frustrated and call your competitor instead.

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