With the right communications package, you can do more with less effort and keep your customers happy. Sound impossible? Not with help from Tel:Mark.

Every business wants to become more efficient; reviewing the products and services which you use for telecommunications will make a great starting point.Want to know how changing communications provider can make your business run more smoothly and efficiently? At Tel:Mark we have over ten years experience in supplying telecoms products and services to companies of all shapes

and sizes. We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge of the latest and smartest solutions, so we can help you to choose the most efficient way to keep in touch with your suppliers, customers and colleagues.  

Successful businesses put their customers at the centre of what they do. The more competitive the marketplace, the more important it is to make sure your customers feel as though they’re getting the best possible service which will make them less inclined to look elsewhere. Being approachable and trustworthy will get you closer to your

customers and their needs, making your business an indispensable part of theirs. Our services can help you win your customers’ trust, because if they can contact you, they can depend on you.

How can you make your business more efficient?

Why are your telecoms important?

Stay connected

Thousands of businesses, are still trying to run their email and internet services over cheap domestic grade packages, but any savings are quickly lost because intermittent internet can slow your business down and cost you customers. Tel:Mark can talk to you about business grade connectivity options, including dedicated bandwidth with guaranteed support level agreements, which will pay for itself over and again.


Everyone knows that resilience is important in business and this applies to communications too,

so don’t wait for emergencies or accidents to derail your communications.

By planning ahead with TelMark, you can make sure that your business can survive service interruptions or accidents and carry on as normal, while your competitors will be out of touch. Different products can appear to have the same function, but in reality offer different levels of availability and response times if there is a problem - let Tel:Mark help you to decide which solution is right for your business. This issue can be just as important when se lecting the care level for a single analogue phone line or the support contract for a major data circuit.

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