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Spreadsheets or in-house databases are an ideal way to start managing your energy information.  However, as the volume and complexity of data increases, specialist energy management software is needed.  Gas:Mark's web-enabled energy management platform is capable of processing and evaluating all utilities within a single database which can be viewed as a whole, or filtered to suit specific reporting

requirements such as utility type, site, organisation or any other defined variable.  It securely stores all utilities and relevant data types including invoices, meter readings, half hourly data (including AMR), and any weather or process related data.


By accurately collecting, storing and evaluating energy data, customers are able to make better informed decisions regarding energy usage to reduce waste, save time, measure performance and save money.


Invoice Validation


Gas:Mark identifies and recovers overcharges from energy suppliers. Industry statistics suggest that utility suppliers can overcharge customers by up to 5% by value.  Our energy management software performs over 35 separate checks to ensure that energy invoices are accurate, even for the most complex invoices and energy tariffs.


Other Energy Management Services


>Carbon reporting – for large (>6GW) energy users required to comply with the government Carbon Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC).

>Flexible contract management – GasMark and its partnership with blizzard arranges and monitors flexible energy contracts for larger energy users requiring specialist advice.

>Budget establishment and reporting – track performance and take corrective action.

>Tenant billing – generate VAT invoices for premises occupied by third parties, and recover costs from common areas.

>Data collection and management – automatically collect and analyse AMR data to track energy performance.

>Energy audits and benchmarking – perform detailed, retrospective audits to recover historical overcharges.


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