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Getting the best energy quote is more than simply checking prices on the internet.  For example, not all suppliers publish business prices and many of the best tariffs are not available online. MG Energy will get prices and tariffs from all the major UK suppliers to secure the best deal for your business, which also takes into consideration the way the market is moving.


Always Buy Forward


Waiting until your contract end date before arranging a new supply contract is a high risk strategy.  Failure to give adequate notice to your existing supplier may mean you are stuck in an expensive contract for a further year.  And even if you have given notice, arranging a new contract at the last minute may also force you to buy at the wrong time when the market is high.  Buying forward is almost always the best purchasing strategy to save money.


Moved or Moving Premises?


Did you know that your existing contract will automatically end when you leave your old premises?  But did you also know that you will be supplied at “out of contract” rates at your new premises until you sign a new supply contract.  These rates can be up to three times as expensive as contracted prices!


Monitor the Market


Once you have secured a new contract, keeping a close eye on the energy markets is the key to ensuring long term savings.  GasMark will do this work for you and advise the best time to either extend your existing contract or switch ahead to a new supplier to take advantage of favourable market conditions.


Want an Energy Quote?


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