On hand from the full range of business gas suppliers, including leading companies like British Gas Business and E.ON, as well as new entrant suppliers like Gazprom Energy, Corona Energy and Total Gas & Power..

Our expert energy advisors are ready to get you quotes from the full panel of business electricity suppliers, from the Big 6 companies like British Gas Business, E.ON, EDF Energy and Scottish Power through independent suppliers, such as Opus Energy and Ovo Energy as well as niche players like Ecotricity.

Carefully selected technology solutions aimed to control and reduce energy consumption on site by up to 20%


For larger energy users GasMark offers a range of specialised portfolio and bespoke procurement solutions, enabling you to manage your energy price even when markets...



For any new business, having the supplier is a primary requirement from the first day of trading. Gas:Mark can help you avoid expensive mistakes, while designing solutions which can grow as your new business expands. More importantly, the correct business solution can also actively help to grow your business, by making it easy to stay ahead of your business costs such as gas and electric.

It is unusual for a business to stand still: expansion, relocation and changes to work patterns can all place demands on your business. By avoiding rigid solutions at the outset, or adapting more flexible options as your business matures, change can be readily accommodated without any critical disruption to your key services.

For many businesses, the need to demonstrate a tangible response to the green agenda is becoming increasingly important. Indeed, some of your customers may require their suppliers to publish an environmental policy and then use this as a criterion for selecting their business partners. Business solutions which combine a number of  products and services from Gas:Mark can help to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve precious resources.

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