Losing a day’s business to office closure, or as the result of a system failure, will cost you money and can even threaten the survival of your business. Significant interruptions to your communications systems will test the loyalty of your customers, who may become frustrated and decide to find alternative suppliers.


No-one thinks it’s going to happen to them, but how many times have you turned on the news to find out how bad weather, failing technology, power outages, severe transport problems, or localised natural disasters have disrupted the economy?


Fortunately, Tel:Mark can help you draw up a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your communications, which will keep you winning business while others are losing theirs. With our advice and the range of solutions we have available, you can be sure that you’re prepared for anything.


Telecoms fraud now costs UK business £1Bn per year and the average cost of an unmonitored incident is £10,000. Frightening numbers; which is why Tel:Mark now provides a fraud monitoring service for all the phone lines which we supply, so we can minimise your exposure.

Your communication systems are the heartbeat of your business. What would happen to your profitability if they were disrupted for several hours, or attacked by fraudsters?

We can provide advice to help you...

Ensure that your inbound calls are diverted if your main office has to close

Stay connected in the event of a loss of your main connectivity to the internet

Access your normal contact lists from any device, so you can stay in touch with your customers using your normal numbers

Quickly inform your customers and your staff of the arrangements which you have in place during the service incident

Select the correct service level agreements for your telecommunications products, so that you can balance the risk and the cost

One click recovery

Keep in touch with your customers

MG Telecoms can provide you with a web based portal for managing the routing of your inbound calls, so that in the event of an incident, calls can quickly be diverted to another location, or staff mobile phones, for example. Pre-recorded announcements can be added, which can advise callers of the service arrangements during the interruption to normal business.


Mobile data solutions from Tel:Mark, such as USB dongles, smartphone tethering or 3G routers can all be deployed to keep a business online from alternative locations, or even from home

Work normally from anywhere

With modern IP voice communications, your calls can be managed from a reliable, secure network location, not on switchboard equipment in your offices. If disaster strikes, you can divert your incoming calls to any landline or mobile handset, from wherever you are in the world.


With hosted IP telephony solutions from Tel:Mark, users can make and take calls using their published number on alternative devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones, with full access to their normal contact directory.

By planning ahead, you can set up a contingency plan which will divert all your incoming calls to appropriate mobile or home numbers automatically, or in a single click. Your customers won’t be able to tell that your main office is temporarily out of action.

Improved resilience

We advise on industry leading solutions that are the most reliable and resilient for your business, but for increased security, we offer the option of improved care levels and faster response times for your phone lines and broadband services.


Our solutions can help you improve your resilience to network downtime, often by configuring your network access correctly at the outset and building in a back-up facility. We recognise that if you receive or manage orders electronically, you cannot afford to be disconnected.

Reduce overheads and keep customers


Insurance companies respect companies that plan for disaster. With a contingency plan in place and ready to be activated, you may receive a discount on your insurance premiums, but more importantly, your customers will be reassured that you will be available when they need you.

Avoid unpleasant surprises

The UK is one of the top five countries of origin for global telecoms fraud, which is increasingly used to fund global terrorism. Tel:Mark’s systems will monitor the spend on your phone lines and react to strange calling patterns or usage, so that we can limit your exposure to a fraction of the cost of an unmonitored line.

We’re safer from the start

Nothing is more important to us than keeping your business going no matter what, which is why we offer only the best voice and data packages that are safer and more reliable from the start.


Ask us about our business grade broadband options, hosted IP telephony systems, SIP trunk back up services for ISDN lines and how to back up your business critical information in secure data centres.

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