A mobile workforce is more efficient.


For most businesses, their market is now operating on a 24/7/365 basis, but you and your team can’t spend every minute in the office. We can help you work out the best way to make your business truly mobile and benefit from the cost savings and efficiencies which that can bring.


Don’t take our word for it. On flexible working alone, a Department for Business, Innovation and Skills consultation in 2011 revealed that the business benefit from productivity gains averaged £54m a year. Businesses large and small can benefit from the benefits of workforce mobilisation.


MG Telecoms has a portfolio of telecommunications solutions which can help your company benefit from cost savings and productivity increases while being able to offer a flexible recruitment package that’s attractive to the brightest and best candidates. No two business customers

are exactly alike, so talk to us about how telecommunications can make your workforce more effective, wherever they are located.

Whether you’re at a customer’s premises, travelling to meetings or working from home, we can bring your work to you. When it comes to being mobile, you can trust MG Telecoms to keep your business running as smoothly as if you’re sat at your own desk.

What solutions can MG Telecoms provide?

Many of our products can be combined to provide solutions which offer benefits that can improve the mobility of your business, including:

• A complete range of bundle and pay as you use

business tariffs from O2


• Smartphone bolt-on tariffs for internet access,

running applications and sharing data


• A range of business grade mobile handsets, including BlackBerry and other smartphones


• Mobile data solutions, including USB dongles, martphone tethering and access to the O2 Wi-Fi network, so you can get online anywhere that you need to


• One employee, one number - regardless of

how many devices they’re using


• A single voicemail system with notification of message receipt and message delivery by email, so you can listen to it from any device


• The ability to make and receive landline calls from mobile and tablet devices, as if you were using your office phone


• The best advice about which smartphone apps can help to streamline your business


• Audio and video conferencing, plus collaboration solutions for remote workers


• Communications solutions which make home working just like being in the office

The power of a traditional PBX - everywhere

Using modern IP technology, Tel:Mark can provide even the smallest business with a telephony solution that gives you access to the kinds of high end features normally reserved for large organisations or call centres, all hosted on a resilient, secure network. For example, call transfer, hunt groups, speed dials, call recording, click to dial and call statistics can all be made available to every member of your team, irrespective of their location, even overseas.


Using MiCall+ hosted IP telephony solutions from MG Telecoms , inbound calls to your published number can be redirected to multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones, so you can work effectively wherever you are. The call routing can be easily amended using a simple web portal and you can access your normal contacts list whatever device you’re working on.

Bring your own device

Because mobile technology is developing faster than most businesses can keep up with, employees often own better and more powerful mobile devices at home than a workplace can provide. The latest trend is that many employers are choosing to allow employees to ‘bring their own device’ to work. With our competitive SIM-only packages and expert advice, we can show you how to bring outside devices into your network, saving you money and keeping your staff happy.

Working on the move

The most efficient way of getting things done is to make your work come to you, not the other way round, but that’s exactly the opposite to the way most workplaces are structured. The good news is that technology trends are coming together to revolutionise the way we work. You no longer have to be restricted to one place to do your job and thanks to smartphones, laptops and the increasing use of tablets, you and your employees have the tools to do everything you need, wherever you are.

Legendary service

In reality, clever technology can be undermined by poor connectivity, or a lack of resilience. Tel:Mark will help your business to ensure this is not a problem, by providing business grade broadband and data connectivity for home and satellite office workers, alongside the most reliable business mobile network solutions from O2. In the event that problems do occur, Tel:Mark has a team of knowledgeable, experienced and proactive customer service staff, who will work with our network providers to keep you informed and restore service in the shortest possible time.

Staying in touch

A single provider for a mobile workforce

Too many small businesses still try to run their applications and services using tariffs and services designed for domestic use, with an inevitable loss of efficiency and performance. At Tel:Mark, we only deal with business customers, so we’re entirely structured to address your needs..


There may well be other providers who could recognise and address individual elements of your requirements for workforce mobilisation, but Tel:Mark is different - we recognise the need to select and combine all our products and services to provide a complete solution. That means reliable business grade broadband and data connectivity, high quality landline and mobile calls, the latest IP technology, alongside market leading support and a single bill with transparent display and explanations of all your telecommunications charges..

When your team works from home, or in a number of different locations, possibly only

coming together for a monthly meeting, important messages can become lost in translation and information disjointed, so that projects or people become hard to manage. By adopting modern audio conferencing solutions from Tel:Mark, team members can dial in to a single number, so that information can be shared and discussed, with any questions answered immediately. Conferences can even be recorded for record keeping and distribution to team members who were unable to attend.


MG Telecoms can also advise on the increasing use of video conferencing, webinars and other collaboration technologies such as Microsoft Lync. The cost and inconvenience of business travel makes these solutions increasingly attractive for ensuring that mobile workforces remain effective and competitive.

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