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We provide everything you need to improve your fundraising campaigns, including new contactless donation boxes & stands, online & telephone donation technology, card machines, campaign links and much more.


Online & contactless fundraising has seen rapid growth over the last few years and now accounts for a significant share of all donations to UK charities. While some larger organisations are benefiting from these modern collection methods, many are not and despite the fact that the average value donation is much higher.


Many charities think it’s costly to accept donations by card, perhaps a historical truth and before the emergence of innovative new providers such as Payacharity, and new contactless donation technologies.


So, whether you’d like to boost your charitable sales or donations by utilising one of our card acceptance products, or whether you’d just like to find out what’s new in the world of payment processing, we’re here to help. Explore our site to find out more or call us on 0333 123 1243.


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Whatever your requirement, we have a range of services to perfectly suit your business.


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