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Would your business benefit from a new phone system that is packed with features enabling you to communicate more efficiently?


Our fully scalable systems will revolutionise the way your business communicates and is perfect for small business or companies that operate from different locations. They provide a very cost effective method of connecting multiple offices utilising the internet cloud to connect remotely as if hard wired in the same building


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Features included as standard are -


Free handset to handset calls, call forwarding, call divert,  caller id, voicemail, call recording, music on hold, call transfer etc.  This can all be accessed and amended through our online web portal from any PC.


The next generation technology being utilised by businesses worldwide is Hosted - in short it is your phone system in the cloud which is used via configured handsets through the internet to link in with each other.  This makes the affordability and scalability very accessible and user friendly for small or large business alike and an excellent choice for businesses wishing to improve on efficiency and cost whilst ensuring their business will be future proofing their fixed line communications as the handsets automatically upgrade to the latest software providing access to new features as they are released.


Hosted telephony can assist in collaborating your phone users within your business, whether they are located at one office or across several sites, including home workers.  


This will save your business time and money as your staff won’t need to be at their desk to pick up their extension - this can be pointed to a home office or even their mobile device.  Smart calling features mean the hunt group searches for your live location automatically.  You can call between sites, transfer calls and conference all for free.


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